Expanding the reach of regenerative medicine

Our Mission

We aim to improve the lives of patients with ocular surface disease (OSD) with our pioneering platelet-derived regenerative biologic (PRB) therapy.

Stellular has proven the efficacy of PRB in animal models and has established scalable manufacturing methods that will enable clinical trials and commercial production.

We are pursuing initial clinical proof of concept in Sjogren's syndrome-related dry eye and are poised to expand rapidly into the broader OSD market.


Platelet-derived regenerative biologic (PRB):

Combining the regenerative potential of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) 
with the advantages of an engineered product

PRB Production

  • retains inherent polypharmacology of hundreds of active substances from platelets
  • proprietary manufacturing process
  • well-characterized & reproducible
  • off-the-shelf/donor plasma-independent
  • tunable via iPSC engineering
  • reimbursable
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Ocular surface disease (OSD)

Complex, common, and on the rise


  • tear film function/disease involves complicated interactions of multiple structures/tissues
  • ~20 million patients in the US affected
  • ~4 million with severe OSD, potential for corneal damage/vision loss
  • increase in screen time → increased incidence
  • aging population → increased incidence
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At Stellular we are quickly advancing our programs to provide more and better treatment options for patients with OSD.

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